Why I chose to marry Annie– 2face

Sensational musician, Tuface Idibia, is an interviewer’s delight. He doesn’t hesitate to respond to any question. Indeed, he seems to have a ready-made answer for almost every question popped. But there are two questions you can’t get the singer to answer at the moment.

Will he father another child from another woman? After five children from three women, with another one due in March, would he still have more? However, Tuface opens up on why he chose to marry his long time girlfriend, Annie, over and above Pero and Sumbo, who are mothers of his children. He also talks about other issues. Enjoy:

Living legend

Calling me a living legend is a very heavy title. For me, I just think people say that because they have seen me come from way back and I remain relevant till today, and also from the type of music that I do and the type of message that I pass. I think it’s basically my person, though I wouldn’t know all the reasons why they call me that. Do I get scared when they call me a living legend? Like I said, for me, it’s not something I easily agree with, but I am working towards being a legend, so if they call me a legend already, I thank them. Definitely, I want to leave a mark in the African music industry and the world at large. I want to leave a mark.

My type of music

I think it’s my talent. That’s God’s gift to me. I thank God. I just laugh when I hear people argue that Tuface does not write his songs. If people write for me and I can deliver it fine, I don’t owe them any explanation, and for the people who think I don’t write my song, when they see my album, they should check the list of songs and see who it was written by. I do welcome write-ups from people, many of the greatest artistes, not all their songs were written by them, but the Nigerian mentality is just somehow, they think once you can’t write your song, you are not a complete musician. Yes, you don’t have to write your songs to be a complete musician. Once you have the talent to sing, that’s all, some great songs might come from somebody else.

African Queen and other songs

African Queen was not written for me, it was written by me and Blackface. The song was written by both of us together, it is an equal contribution. A song like “Right Here” was written by OJB. The key part of “Implication” was interpreted to me by AJ Prestige, I can’t remember the others.

Why I remain relevant

For me, it is the positive mindset that I have towards my work and I try to work really hard and keep my head up. On my relationship with young and old artistes, I just try my best to be myself and I respect everyone, I don’t look down on anyone, so I think that’s the reason why I am very much likeable, because I respect people a lot. I also try to listen to everyone’s music, I listen to lyrics a lot, and it is quite easy for me to listen to a song so, believe me when I say it’s easy for me to do that. I listen to other people’s songs a lot.

Charging fees for collabo

It is true that I have started charging for collaborations. Yes, I don start to dey charge, if not I go do collabo tire. You see music never ends; it’s an everlasting thing, I think what’s left for me in music would be to conquer the world.

International acceptance

Despite the fact that our music has been accepted at the international level, Nigerians musicians still find it difficult to break into the mainstream because one thing is that these people took their time to build their industry, so, they won’t just let anybody get a break into the system and collect the benefits of what they have built over the years. That is why many of us from this part of the world find it difficult at that level.

For instance, no matter how I am in Africa, a South African record company will first of all make a South African a hit before they make me one. So, we in Nigeria have to build up our own industry so that our home-based acts can be made. I feel we are gradually getting there, but we need to organize the industry in order to get it right.

getting it right

There are many things wrong with our music industry. There is the issue of copyright law which has not really been addressed and these are some of the things that scare investors, nobody would want to invest in an industry where there are no guiding laws. So, until that is taken care off, we would still be doing things like we are doing now.

On my last album

You wouldn’t expect my last album to sell like the average N150 CD but that doesn’t suggest it didn’t do very well. We had a plan in mind: we knew that even if we sold the CD for N1, 000, the pirates would still pirate it. We wanted to have a standard copy. Some fans complained it was too expensive for them, but we are going to have the economic pack and the premium pack next time. My fans should expect another album from me a couple of months from now.

On international collaboration

For now, I can’t say anything about the international collabo, I can’t really talk about it yet until it happens. I think it is a good move if you can feature an international act in your album; it is always good to do that.

On marriage proposal to Annie

I think it’s about time, I have known Annie for over 12 years, some things just made me realize that this is my woman and I couldn’t deny it any more. When are we getting married? Don’t worry, I will keep you posted. Some people think I should just continue living like this and not get married? Well, everybody has a right to their own opinion. And what other people think doesn’t concern me. You don’t have any authority over what others think. So for me, if that’s what they think, I’m sorry.

Annie and I are soulmates

All my women are very respectable. I can’t answer that question because I have already proposed to who I want to be with and I won’t want to create any type of answer that will be odd. Of course, Annie and I are soul-mates. We are mature people and I know that they understand my decision. Did I tell them about the decision? Of course, yes. Did they raise an issue? You know what; I don’t want to answer the question, so, let’s change the topic.

Tuface in labour room

Unfortunately, I have never been in the labour room during the delivery of any of my children. This is because I am mostly in other countries. I only get the information that the baby has been delivered. How do I react when people say I like women? Is this coming from the guys’ or ladies’ perspective? Well, let the guys tell me if they don’t like women too. And for ladies, they too will tell me if they do not like men. Maybe all of them should convert to Reverend Sisters.

Asa and I

I would love to do a collabo with Asa. With D’banj, I did a song entitled: “I’m Feeling Good”. Yes, the video has been shot. Well, expect a classy song. On the international scene, I would like to work with Lil Wayne, Damian Marley, and many others.

How I keep fit

I jog every once in a while and I go to the gym once in a while.

More kids from Tuface?

Will I ever father another child from another woman? How do I answer this question? No, I am not going to answer that question. No, I did not say I won’t have more kids. No, I didn’t. Who knows? That’s left in the hands of God.

On The Sun awards

Yes, I’m performing at The Sun Awards today. So, expect a good show, good music and a crazy, peaceful and spiritual outing.

Suns Online News

INTERVIEW: Mercy Johnson's Mother Discusses the Marriage Scandal

Mercy Johnson's mother, Elizabeth granted E/24-7 Magazine an interview, and she discusses the scandal. Read excerpts below:-

What are your plans towards her marriage amidst these controversies?    
I don't have any plans now, God is our town planner, I put my trust in Him. He is the one that raised her to where she is today, before she met Odi God was aware, everything happening today are not unknown to Him. My belief is that if God assigns Odi of which I know He has done for her, as a husband, the gate of hell can't prevail over it. God that made their paths cross know their future, present and past, whosoever stands anywhere looking for the downfall of the innocent girl will face the battle of God.
Madam, did Odi inform you he was married as is generally reported in the media?  
Odi isn't married, he told our family, that when he got to Italy, the lady was his girlfriend and she bore him a child, later, Lovely met a guy and followed him to Canada and she bore him that boy, the woman herself confirmed it. We are not aware of other things because Odi has said the truth and when we asked him how long they separated, he said for the past 5 years. Let us say the truth and let the devil be ashamed. I have told my daughter to let the will of God be done in her life. As for rumour mongers saying Mercy has scattered her home, she is the one who scattered her home because if she loves Odi she wouldn't have followed another man and even giving him a child, the man is late now, so they want to set my innocent daughter up and spoil her day of joy and I know God will never agree with them.
Why do you think this is a planned work to disrupt Mercy's wedding?
There are people who watch you without you knowing, out of all the children I have, Mercy is unique, I can never deny her anytime any day, she is gifted and God has used her to bring the family up, so if anybody is stepping on my joy, he or she will face the wrath of God because one stupid person who claims to be a man of God said in the newspapers that if her mother is reasonable enough she will make her cancel the wedding. The man is not a born-again because if he is and isn't deaf and blind, he would have asked how a woman who left her husband five years ago now shows up threatening with fire and brimstone, this definitely is a set up but as many as run their mouths against the Johnson's family will face the wrath of God because we are innocent.
Did you have any inkling at her inception or birth that she would be this famous?
No, we are Christians in our family, we hand our children to God and after that it is sealed up. It is God who made her what she is today, when she was young, she used to play and make a lot of people laugh, she is very free, that made us to know that she had a brighter future ahead, she was the head girl in secondary school, she always come first in sports, dress rehearsals so I see no reason why she shouldn't excel in her career. No evil hands or thought against Mercy can work; nobody can overcome her I Jesus name. (Father cuts in) I have been reading stories tarnishing our image, imagine somebody wrote that I said I have cancelled the wedding, when did I say so? We should have the fear of God in whatever we do. Like this Lovely of a person, if she is actually the wife of Odi and my daughter is struggling to take her away from her marriage, I will pray to God and tell my daughter not to go into another person's home but the truth is my daughter knew Odi in 2009, if Odi is so important to him why must he leave him for another man; now that the guy is dead now, she wants to come back saying somebody is snatching her husband from her, I can phone Odi's father and they will tell you they don't even know her.
There was also a report that Mercy has run away from home?
How can they say she has run away from home, I saw her this morning, we were together.
Madam, are you saying the wedding is still going on as planned?
God is a God of plans, He will bring out everything perfectly, we depend and look up to Him, we have put everything into his hands and nobody can change the plan of God
What would the party be like, is it going to be church affair or with some traditional touches?
In our area, we do traditional, court and church weddings. I did the three when I was getting married to her father; it is the same pattern that we will follow.
You don't attend the same church with mercy?                                                              
No we don't, we attend Pentecostal church, Mercy and her elder sister used to go to The Redeemed Christian of God before she started attending the Christ Embassy
What are her church plans for the wedding?
I don't have anything to do with the church because we don't attend Christ Embassy; all I know is that God says her marriage will stand. Mercy is not the first person people will plan evil against. Our God is a God of battle. She has never soiled her hands in anything devilish. Many people mistaken her roles in movies to be her person, she has been given different names, some say she wants to marry because she is pregnant, I asked her if she was pregnant and she said she was in her period that she was going to show me.
So by your words, the wedding is going as planned?
By the grace of God, with all the powers of God. I Elizabeth, I say nothing though I have nobody to assist me, I have God, nothing will stop my daughter's wedding. Let this be a lesson for every woman who doesn't want their husbands to be their husbands. If you don't respect what you have when you lose it you will be crying for nothing because she lost her husband and Mercy took over, so nothing can happen. She has lost her husband, Mercy has taken over, let her go and die.

"I haven't had sex at all at all this year" - Singer, Goldie

Excerpts from an interview the sexy singer gave to a city people reporter this week.

Are you thinking of marriage at all?
Goldie: "I'm thinking of when I will get billions in the bank. There's more to life than just being Mrs Somebody"
So what happens when you get pregnant?
Goldie: "Is it not when you have sex that you'll get pregnant? How do you want to get pregnant when you don't have sex?"
Hmmm. So how long have you not had sex?
Goldie: "Are you my doctor? But bros, if I'm going to be honest with you, this year, at all all. Maybe that's why I'm loosing weight (laughs) no vitamins.

Don Jazzy's radio interview with the Beat FM.

IDJA with BeatFM OAP, Toolz

IDJA was on The Beat 99.9FM Friday August 19 for a radio interview, where he was interviewed by OAP, Toolz. Excerpts from the interview when you continue...

How did you come up with the ‘Oliver’ song?
I was upset at some point when people were saying that D’banj and Wande Coal have slowed down in their career. I still want more for them.

Some ladies were mentioned on D’banj’s new song ‘Oliver’, who are they?
Genevieve, Beyonce and Omotola.

You have so many fans hailing you right now on Twitter
I love everybody; I love my fans on Twitter and Facebook

I suggest you throw a party.
I’m not quite sure I will throw a party.

You have over 100,000 thousand followers and you don’t want to throw a party?
I’m not sure about that now.

Where did music start for you?
I started music in the church. In the choir at some point… (Pauses) you know what? I don’t want to spill everything yet. I’ll be writing an autobiography, my dad and I are working on it. There’s no name for it yet but he has called it ‘The Making of a Don’.

When will the book be coming out?
It’s coming out next year.

Let’s talk about ‘Enigma’. You asked rappers to record their song versions and submit to you…
It was crazy. I was expecting to see about a hundred responses but I ended up seeing 2000.

Talking about the ‘Oliver’ dance competition, who are the judges?
For now, apart from myself, there are no other judges.

When is the closing date?
It’s been crazy though. I will give out a 3-day notice to when it will close.

So let’s move away from D’banj for a while. What are the other Mo’Hits members up to?
Well, Wande Coal has been recording in the studio and will be dropping a few songs this year. We are all concentrating on D’banj for now though. When his (D’banj) album drops, there’ll be time for the others. Dr. SID is performing in different states and has also started to learn music production, he isn’t doing badly too. D’Prince’s album has been completed since God knows when. We will be releasing it at the right time.

How do you deal with negative comments?
Just like the way Jesus handled them, like Jay-Z handles them, like Kanye, likeBeyonce. The thing is that I get more love than hate, so when the negative ones come in, I try to find out why they do that. I block some (followers on Twitter) when I feel they have nothing to say.

Tell us more about D’banj’s album; will it still be titled ‘Mr. Endowed’?
A couple of tracks have been recorded. You can take the previously released singles as mixtape materials. The timing is what is most important. The albumname ‘Mr. Endowed’ might change. It has to do with what comes up from now till then. Everybody should please be patient. I know you are all excited.

You were recently nominated at The Headies 2011 in the ‘Producer of The Year’ category alongside Cobhams, Samklef, Jesse Jagz and J Sleek, how do you feel?
Was I nominated? I didn’t know. Thank you so much. I’m honoured. Really,Cobhams and I shouldn’t be nominated. I like Samklef and wish he wins, everybody please vote for Samklef.

Who do you think is the next big thing in the music industry?

But Wizkid has emerged already and even has an album, who else do you think is the next big thing?
For now, nobody.

So whose music do you listen to nowadays?
I listen to almost everybody, Wizkid, 2face – I can kill for him, Choc Boyz.

What about the Female artistes?
Tiwa savage is good and she has given out so much. Waje is a heavenly singer.

Tell us about working with Kanye West.
I’m very picky with music but Kanye is worse. At times I regret I played ‘Scapegoat’ and ‘Give it to me’ for him because he keeps referring to them when I make beats for him (Laughs). He likes ‘Entertainer’ too.

How about Jay Z, have you done any work for him?
Well, Jay Z recorded on a couple of beats that didn’t make the ‘Watch The Throne’album but I’m glad ‘Lift off’ did. Over 70 songs were recorded for that album, ‘Lift off’ had been done a long time ago.

Have you done any solo production for Jay Z?
No, not yet.

When will you produce for Beyonce, when will she say ‘It’s Don Jazzy again’?
Beyonce will say it soon. Kanye West has already said it a couple of times.

If you had the chance to work with any other foreign artiste, who would it be?
I would like to work with Rihanna. I like the vibe she gives off, it would be nice to work with her.

Which other artistes have you done tracks for in the US?
I don’t want to talk about songs I’ve produced that have not been released because they might never be released and Nigerians will then think I’ve been lying.

What Nigerian influence have you taken over to New York?
Well I’ve taught Kanye how to eat pounded yam but he hates pepper.

Apart from making music, what other businesses do you run?
I’m into real estate and of course the Koko enterprises.

Don Jazzy, you have been seen on several occasions to be wearing T-shirts and pyjamas trousers, just like you are wearing now. What’s with the new look?
Well, I heard a story about a guy in Enugu who people used to call Don Jazzy because he dressed like me – you know wearing the Indian-overall gowns I used to put on. He also carried a walking stick like I used to. Apparently he got broke along the line but still wanted to keep up with the trend so he was caught stealing and was eventually burnt alive. That’s why I now wear what I have on. Besides they are more comfortable. I prefer to call them colourful trousers.

Tell us about Kanye West’s birthday, did you guys attend?
Well you know D’banj’s birthday is a day after Kanye’s. We travelled to New York, gave him his gift and left.

Will you marry anyone in the music industry?
Sure, why not? Of course! We will both understand that we have to work and travel, at least it won’t be one-sided.
Are you dating anyone at the moment?
Presently, no.

What’s your idea of an ideal woman?
Presently I don’t have any but I like any kind of person.

What do you have to say to upcoming acts out there?
Put God first! Do not wish anybody bad for any reason. Decide what to do before you get into it.

Interview thanks to OAP, Toolz

I Love Confident Men – Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic is one of the top women in the movie industry that has managed to stay away from controversies. A screen goddess in her right, Rita Dominic has risen from an average actress to a Nollywood star on the road to ‘Diva status’.we had a chat with the Nollywood star who celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, July 13, 2011, read up…

Tell us how you got into Nollywood?

I studied drama in the University of Port-Harcourt and when I was through I came to Lagos. I met Basorge Tariah Jnr. who was my senior in school. Basorge introduced me into Nollywood and cast me in my first movie where i played the lead role. He is the reason why I am here, I owe him a lot.

You‘ve slowed down on Nollywood movie features, what ís the reason? 

I am sure you’ve noticed that it is not just me. The quality of the stories and productions started going down drastically and at some point you have to remember why you went into the profession in the first place. If all these years we don’t improve, then there is no reason to continue. I am glad a new Nollywood is emerging and we are all trying to do better work.

Why did you think you were chosen as a co host for The Headies 2011 awards?

Your guess is as good as mine but I intend to soak it all up and enjoy the experience. I already love the energy of the people that work for the company that produces the event so it’s all good.

Do you have any plans to direct and produce your own movie?

Co-produce yes but not direct at this time. I still feel that there is so much I can do as an actor. Maybe later down the line, I will direct something but I still enjoy acting so much.

Define the Rita Factor that differentiates you from other female Nollywood actresses.

I feel like that question is one for others to answer. Every human being is uniquely blessed by God and I try to be true to myself by being me.

You showed enthusiasm during the April polls, how much do you see Nigeria becoming greater than she is now?

Nigeria has so much potential. We have no choice but to strive to reach our potential. This will only happen when we as a people make it a priority to become greater.

If you are offered a job in the government, would you take it up?

No with a capital N at this time but you can never tell what the future holds. I cannot even handle the politics that goes on in Nollywood not to talk of Government. Sometimes I feel like public service should be a higher calling like people get called to serve God.

Do you have any movie you are working on now?

Yes, I am going to Nairobi in a few days to shoot a film. The working title is ‘Shattered’ and it’s produced by Carol Nguta for Dream House Productions. I am looking forward to it because it is quite a challenging one.

Looking at the great change in Nollywood movies today, is there anything you would like to change as a person or add to it? 

We can get always better in terms of the quality of the stories we tell and the way we tell them. I am producing my first film soon and I am doing my best to do a good job.

Male actors in Nollywood are cute, which do you find it hard to work with when trying to avoid emotional attachments?

Lol, you think our male actors are cute? Good for you! When I go to work, it is not my intention to go fishing for emotional attachments so I cannot say there is any male actor I find hard working with for the reasons you have stated.

Talking about classics like Ripples, Behind the Clouds, Checkmate and the others. Do you have any soaps from the past that you still miss?

I remember watching Checkmate and enjoying RMD’s (Richard Mofe Damijo) character. I also liked the late Francis Agu’s character as well.

If you win a lotto today, which of the Nollywood actresses would you enjoying spending it with? 

(Laughs) they know themselves and they are very fun people, no airs whatsoever. Two live in Abuja and one is in Lagos so figure it out if you can.

Off the record, if not burgers and fries, which African dish are you very good at making?

I am good at making different dishes but I will say Egusi and Oha soup. Do you ask male artists these questions?

Tell us something you think the press doesn’t know about you already. 

Are you for real? They know too much already!

We hear a lot of celebrity broken marriages round the world, what exactly would you say turns you off about Nigerian men?

I don’t know about turn off but generally, a man that says what he means and means what he says is a big turn on for me. I love a confident and purposeful man.

Do you have a problem with being dominated by a guy?

(sighs) ‘Dominated’ is a word that can mean so many things to so many different people. You would have to rephrase that question.

Would you ever act in a movie for free?

Ohhh yes! If I see that dream role I definitely would do it but that is why we have management. They stop you from doing silly stuff like that (laughs). If not a lot of artistes would starve for their art.

Which artiste in Nigeria would you date if he asked nicely? 

Yeah right, like I would really tell you!

What is the cheapest amount you ever received for a movie?

Zero naira. There are still some producers owing me from back in the day.

If President Jonathan let you have his seat for two days, what would you change and how much would you like to be paid? 

Ah, two days is too short to do anything! First I don’t want to be paid for those two days and I will focus on four things. I would fix the power issue. It is one of the most embarrassing problems we face as nation and I don’t understand why they treat it so lightly. I would make sure the freedom of information act is properly enforced so that we can find the people who having been stealing from Nigeria since 1960. Free quality healthcare for women and children across the country and lastly I would take steps to secure our boarders and protect the citizens of Nigeria from harm.

What brand of car makes you go ‘WOW’ every time it’s being driven by?

The Rolls Phantom Drop Head Coupe is lovely.

Who made your best dress?

Data for JD7.

Boots and Boys, which do you find fun in?

Huh? I love boots and I love boys so there you have it 

EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother Amplified Weza speaks on regret and lessons learnt in the BBA House.

I got Angolan Big Brother Amplified contestant, Weza Solange Da Silva who was evicted alongside Alex and Miss P sometimes ago to talk about Big Brother Amplified and other housemates. In the chat, Weza talked about her regret, lesson, and others.
Ok first, Weza told me how bad she felt when she saw her nude pictures all over the internet. Her manager told me she wept for a whole day. Many listed her among the smartest girl in the house. The 26 years old contestant is a TV presenter on Channel O and also a model.

 Tell me few things you learnt while in BB house?
Weza: I learned how to listen to other people’s views and options (not easy),
deal with different cultures and personalities e.t.c
Jimmy: Tell me something about the show that fans don’t realize?
Weza: Things are not what they seem, even though its LIVE. A lot of things don’t get shown, so certain “conversations” are one sided. So don’t believe everything you see. Situations are exaggerated for pure entertainment.
Jimmy: Who do you tip as your BBA winner?
Weza: Karen and Luclay
Jimmy: Who are you missing right now in the house?
Weza: Hanni
Jimmy: Was the relationship between you and Alex genuine?
Weza: It was a friendship, nothing else.
Jimmy: We gonna play a simple game now, it goes like this; you describe the housemates listed below with some couple of words.
Weza: Luclay: Crazy and Unpredictable but a real sweetheart once you get to know him.
- Karen: Gangster, she says it like it is but very sensitive too.
- Alex: A go getter, hard worker, knows how to play the game.
- Vina: Sweet girl, didn’t get to know her very well.
- Zimbai: Intelligent, a real game player.
- Confidence: Her name say’s it all, a true Diva, mature, classy, “in your face”.
Jimmy: Tell me What was it like having fans and haters after BBA ?
Weza: Not surprising, I expected it! I was a public figure before going into
the house, so i’m used to dealing with fans/haters (it’s just on a bigger
level now)
Jimmy: When you got out of the house, tell me the first thing you did?
Weza: Talked to my family then went to the club and ordered REAL CHAMPAGNE
Jimmy: What are you most looking forward to see in the BBA house?
Weza: The Housemates, most def!
Jimmy: If you were asked to give somebody an advice about BBA, what will you say?
Weza: Think twice, it’s an emotional roller coaster and definitely NOT for
everybody, consider the consequences of being in such a show.
Jimmy: Would you like to come for BBA again if you had the chance?
Weza: NO. I came, I saw, I conquered. I’m over it!
Jimmy: Want to know if you had a strategy in mind before coming to the BBA house?
Weza: Unfortunately I didn’t, which was pretty stupid and naive, I definitely advice whoever is thinking of being on BBA to think of a strategy and STICK TO IT.
Jimmy: Was what we saw out of you always in the house the real you?
Weza: 80% ME. 20% GAME

Newly Crowned MBGN 2011 Queen in First TV Interview [VIDEO]

Newly Crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria,Sylvia Nduka represented taraba state at the just concluded event. In this short interview she talks about winning the MBGN crown and whats next for her after being crowned the most girl in Nigeria.

Interview With D'banj

This is an exclusive interview D'Banj granted reporter, Michael Alonge. I took out the interesting parts...:-) Excerpts:

Q: When do plan to settle down?
D'Banj: When I see the right person
Q: How would you know the right person
D'Banj: If I see I will know
Q: How about Genevieve?
D'Banj: We're not...(pause) why do you people keep calling Genevieve? That's a long time, we've even got over that. I am single and searching.
Q: Have you talked to God about searching for a wife?

D'Banj: Of course
Q: Why hasn't he answered you?
D'Banj: Who says he hasn't answered me? You never know when it come to relationship. Your best friend might be your wife and you might still be searching. It might be a person that I have dated before or a new person. But I believe God will do it at the right time.
Q: Do you think when you finally get married you will cheat on your wife?
D'Banj: I don't know. I don't think about that but my dad never cheated on my mum
Q: Are you planning to follow his footsteps?
D'Banj: I'm not planning to but I came from him, I must have something in common with him. When I get married, I will know. Right now, I don't.
Q: How do you manage your female fans?
D'Banj: I don't really have many female fans
Q: What do you do when girls throw themselves at you?
D'Banj: They are usually prevented and I don't get to see them because my people around me near me but if I see you and get to like you, then something might go down. It's up to me to decide...
Q: So you don't have a girlfriend?
D'Banj: No, I don't. But that don't mean I don't F**k!
Q: How many sunglasses do you have?
D'Banj: I have more than 100 of it. Mostly designers
Q: What will not never be caught doing?
D'Banj: Fight over a woman. I will never do that!
Q: You are going international now, how easy will it be for you staying in Nigeria?
D'Banj: I did it from here and there is no way that you will mention my name that you will not say the Nigerian-born singer. So, it has changed nothing about me except that I am now a superstar who rocks, wines and dines with Jay Z, Kanye West and a lot of other international artists.
Q: What if they try to mimic you?
D'Banj: Nobody can steal me; nobody can take Nigeria from me. Well, that can happen only if I get married to someone like Rihanna.
Q: That means you are not coming back
D'Banj: Why not, I will bring here.
Q: How is that going to be possible? She won't want to leave her country because of love
D'Banj: With love, nothing is impossible (laughs)

D'Banj and Rihanna? I won't put it past him making a move on her if he gets the chance...badt guy! lol
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