Sexy Photos of Flavour N’abania Fiancee ''Beverly Heels''

Hot photos of Flavour N’abania FianceeBeverly Ngozi Ukaegbu aka Beverly Heels. She is from Mbano, Imo state and she currently resides in Houston, Texas. They recently got engaged on valentine’s day and also expecting a child...

The Story Of A Nigerian Prostitute, And How Men Use Their Blood For Ritual
This story has been going viral, so many BB broadcast of this.. so i decided to post it up here.. Read the story below..
I am Chidinma from one of the South Eastern state, if you are reading this then I would have giving up the ghost & this is my story:
Pls don't Judge me but pass on this confession. It may save lives of innocent young girls like me & help better our wicked economy dat steals even from the poor. Myself & six of my friends are into modern day prostitution popularly called RUNZ. We service top Politcians, in Government Houses, Musicians & Super Business men for a very good pay{350,000politicians fee }per outing!
This Men don't use condom on us "of course wit such money u don't have a say" they draw our blood with syringe & taste in there private Lab if we are H.I.V positive.. Before sleeping with us. I had dealings with the doctor also who was paid 2million per-show. He reliably ask me to quit that our blood is taken after d test{s} to there Occultic coven to enslave & use us for rituals. Ofcourse I had no course to argue when 4 out of 7 of us died misteriously, one alrerady raving Mad, & am in d hospital with an illness wit no name/cure.. The last one making us 7 is still missing till date. Please this is no game or story check ur sisters & friends those whom have needle holes in there hands are into it.
At a point we become so many{runs gals} that we had to embark on diabolical/juju means to be amongst the choosen ones that will be selected when there is a party. For 350,000 who wouldn't, I don't repeat cloths, I have 7-phones, 16 different lines some of which I chew d sim after usage.. Cars. 3house in Lagos. & 12million naira to my account. etc! Non can cure me. Vanity upon vanity, I pray to God 4 my soul.. Pls PASS this on to save a girls life.
U don't see your family everyday. Your family member or friend may be a victim God forbid... Send,&spread dis message to save some1 2day. God guide u
This story seems like something from a Nollywood script, so I won't be shocked if majority of you readers don't believe it, nonetheless, you can at least say you've learnt something from this long write up and that is, "Vanity upon vanity", all is vanity.

Unilag Girls Fight on Twitter.

This fight happened two days ago. Please continue to see more...ówa incredible..


5,000 Women To Protest If Mercy Johnson Proceeds With Wedding

A Nigerian women's group, Society for Nigerian Women headed by Mrs. Chinyere Okonkwo recently wrote to Christ Embassy that, should the Church go on with Mercy Johnson's wedding despite all the evidences put forward by Lovely Okojie (the mother of her fiancee's children), they would mobilize Nigerian women to demonstrate and disrupt the wedding.

This letter dated August 15th was sent directly to Pastor Chris Oyakilome , the letter made it clear that it was wicked and highly immoral that a man will leave his legally married wife to marry another woman, and a respectable church shouldn't join them together. The letter requested Pastor Chris to rescind the decisions in the interest of the innocent children that Prince Odianose Okogie (Mercy's fiancée) had abandoned or risk 5,000 women demonstrating in front of the Church on the wedding day.

I'm not sure if this society's actions are well thought through, considering the evidence they speak of came through the media and also are one sided, hence they can't be entirely certain of the marital status of Lovely and the Prince OdianoseI would have thought that considering Christ Embassy has agreed to go on with the ceremony nonetheless, they must have already considered the necessary factors. Well we are just a week away from the D-day, let's see what happens.


Mercy Johnson Goes Out Without Wearing Pants [PIX Inside]

When i heard that this star actress now goes to events
without pants, i thought it was a joke untill i got hold of
this picture. But why MERCY, why this move?

Guys what will u do if ur babe exposes her horney pot
in public intentionally like this babe?

culled from naijapals.com...

Man indicted for mixing his sperm in yoghurt and handing it out
Can you imagine? A federal grand jury has indicted a New Mexico man on charges he handed out semen-tainted yogurt samples at a grocery store. 32year-old Anthony Garcia (pictured above) was indicted last week Wednesday on charges of adulterating food and making false statements to federal investigators.

Garcia is accused of handing out tainted yogurt samples at a Sunflower Market in Albuquerque in January.

Officers responded to the store after a woman called to report an employee had given her what she was told was a yogurt sample. The woman told police she believed it was actually a bodily fluid. Police say they tested the yogurt and found semen. They then linked it to Garcia using DNA. - 

Parting ways with 2Face Idibia means a turning point in my life - Annie Macaulay
Annie in her usually excited mood opened up on her relationship with the popular music icon, 2Face Idibia, noting that her relationship with him was fruitful and enjoyable while it lasted. She said she is done with the relationship, adding that the only thing that is binding them together is their daughter. 

Parting ways with 2Face, according to Annie, marked a turning point in her life. " Since the separation, I have been getting scripts from the producers. Right now, I have scripts piled up in my bedroom; I don't even know how I'm going to go about the jobs because of the comfort of my daughter" she said. 



Talented actress Mercy Johnson is about to get married and she is making sure we don’t forget the date. 

But what most people don’t know is that the actress has allegedly sworn to make her wedding the most attended by celebrities hence she is leaving no stone unturned to achieve that dream.

According to sources, the actress publicist has been making phone calls harassing all those the actress fell out with some time back and begging them to attend her wedding and make peace.

Actress Patience Ozokwor, who is mother of the day at the wedding, overheard she was mother of the day from TV and has not personally received an invites as of now.

Sources also reveal that actress Genevieve Nnaji was approached by the actress to play a major role at her wedding.

To those she has stepped on their toes in the industry,abeg make una forgive and forget and try grace her wedding.

Female French Soccer Players Strip Naked To Gain Attention For The Sport.

These days its not easy to be the center of discussion in the media, it doesnt come cheap any longer.

The female French soccer team how ever does have what it takes to gain media attention. They have decided to go nude to get more attention for female football; alas a coincidence with the ongoing female world cup in Germany.

Elodie Thomis ... 'the pictures have come out really nice and I really like them.'

Guys what do you think?

Sources: Soccernet/Foxsport

Boy Kills His Best Friend For "Toasting" His Girlfriend

The trio of Miracle Onyedikachi, 21; Chiebuka Onuoha, 20; and Udochukwu Ogbonna, 22, were best of friends as they lived together in the same vicinity. They had come to know each other as they grew up in the neighbourhood and their friendship blossomed. As peers, they almost always went out together and did things in common. 
That was how strong the bond of friendship that held them together remained until Saturday, May 21. On that fateful day, as Onyedikachi set out with Onuoha to see one of their friends in Umuogele, a suburb of Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State, little did he know he would never come back home alive. 
Even if he had had a premonition of any danger lurking, he may not have probably thought it would be in the mould of meeting his end more so in the hand of his friend. As they moved along, chatting away in the ecstasy of the moment, they never knew that man’s common foe, danger was hanging around few meters away. 
Daily Sun gathered that moments after the duo set out in their journey, Onuoha saw a girl he had known for some time. 
He beckoned on her and they engaged in discussions. As they stood by the road side chatting, another young man said to be one of their friends and identified as Udochukwu Ogbonna, emerged from nowhere, clinching an empty bottle in his right hand. 
That marked the genesis of the trouble which ultimately consumed Onyedikachi and resulted in the razing down of a building where the suspect and his mother lived. As he approached towards the direction of Onuoha and the girl, according to our source, Ogbonna allegedly broke the bottle in his hand and without asking questions, began to stab the former, muttering words that he had warned him (Onuoha) severally to stay away from the girl whose identity is yet to be ascertained. 
It was also gathered that immediately the deceased who stood at a close distance waiting for Onuoha to end his discussion with the girl so that they could proceed to where they were going to, saw what happened and how blood was gushing out of his friend’s body, rushed to intervene and that landed him too into trouble. 
Our source further hinted that as soon as he rushed to ask Ogbonna why he took the action and to prevent him from stabbing Onuoha to death, he allegedly bounced on him and gave him more deadly stabs within the region of the neck and he fell down instantly. Onyedikachi did not die immediately. He was said to have managed to crawl to a nearby private hospital on Ohanku road within the precincts of the incident, screaming for medical attention. His cries to be attended to in order to save his live fell on deaf ears as the doctor and nurses on duty threw professionalism to the winds and insisted on some amount of money being deposited first before he could be treated. Onyedikachi in the unfortunate state he found himself died moments later in the pool of his own blood inside the hospital premises. Some youths who witnessed what happened, apprehended the suspect and handed him over to the police at Ndiegoro Police station where the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Mr. Joshua Bakyu ordered for his detention and directed his men to carry out thorough investigation on the matter. Ogbonna is believed to have been moved to Umuahia for further interrogation. He was said to have told the police that it was better he was killed as he was no longer enjoying his life. The matter did not end there; Onyedikachi’s death triggered off a chain reaction which rendered over eight families homeless and property worth over N100 million destroyed. Immediately the news of the death of the young man spread to the neighbourhood, an angry mob believed to be his kinsmen living in Aba mobilized themselves for a revenge mission. 
The mob headed to No. 10 Nworgu Domiri Street by Ohanku Road owned by one Prince Joshua and where Ogbonna and his mother were said to be living. They pulled down the building which cost was put at over N100 million and set it ablaze. The Police at Ndiegoro were, however, said to be on the trail of the arsonists. 
Daily Sun was informed that this was not the first time people from a particular community in Ebonyi State resident in the Aba would take the laws into their hands by vandalizing, pulling down and setting buildings ablaze where persons they believed that caused the death of one of their own live in revenge. 
Meanwhile, Onuoha who was said to have survived the attack is now recuperating in a private hospital in the city while the body of his late friend, Onyedikachi was deposited in a private mortuary.

Masquerade Banned For Raping A Woman

For allegedly destroying property, harassing innocent people and raping women in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State, the Traditional Rulers’ Council in the area has given promoters of masquerades stringent conditions.

According to the council, failure of promoters of masquerades to abide by the conditions will incur the full weight of the law.

Recently, masquerades invaded the Anglican Church at Ajali, the local government headquarters, where they destroyed property worth thousands of Naira.

They also reportedly invaded people’s homes and demanded ransom for no justifiable reason, while some of them allegedly raped women when they chased them into their compounds.

Worried by the development, traditional rulers in the area, at a meeting at the local government headquarters, said as custodians of the peoples’ culture and tradition, they would no longer keep quiet while selfish people use masquerades to instil fear in people.

The traditional ruler of Oko and chairman of the traditional rulers’ council in the area, Professor Laz Ekwueme, who signed the statement issued by the royal fathers after their meeting, said all masquerades in the local government had been given up to August 15, 2011, to regularize their operations before the commencement of the new yam festivals when the masquerades usually hold sway.

The public notice issued to all masquerade operators read: “Every community shall form a masquerade committee which shall register all extant masquerades stating name and address, family and ward of the custodian of the masquerade and its assigned number from the traditional ruler.

“The register of masquerades shall be lodged in the palace of the traditional of the community and no two masquerades should wear the same number to be pasted on the chest and back of each masquerade.

“Unless invited and accompanied by one from community of operation, masquerades shall operate only in their own communities and should not wander into the neighbouring towns. Henceforth, no masquerade shall harass, disturb or in any way molest unconcerned individuals going about their business on public highways or in the markets, churches, schools and meeting places.

“Masquerades, which can carry only whips made of fresh green wood, should not chase anybody into his house.
“Any masquerade that fails to abide by the rules will be arrested by the police and may be prosecuted for acts of indiscipline likely to cause a breach of the peace.”


Some months back, news broke out that sultry actress Tonto Dikeh and fast rising singer Wizkid are having a well shrouded romance, but things took a new turn last week as Tonto Dikeh finally debunk the rumour in a recent interview. She said and I quote;

Wiz kid is just a friend on twitter, am not in a relationship with him. Those that follow me on twitter knows that I love calling my friends on twitter romantic names like honey,sweetheart,darling etc.I guess that is what people saw about some of my tweets to Wiz kid and started speculating that we are dating. There is nothing of such.

For all the aprokos, case close.

Weird MC Opens Up On Marriage Plans

Though, Weird MC has not been in the news for a while. Popular rapper, singer, Weird M.C real names-Sola Idowu has opened up on her marriage.

The Ijoya queen stressed that a lot of people have been asking when she will tie the knot. 

According to her, the answer is very simple, everything has its own time.

“Marriage is sweet. But I need to work hard to make it real. I am still working on my music now. It has been keeping me very busy. The entertainment industry is full of challenges. One needs to work assiduously hard to excel. This has taken my time. I will settle down when the time reaches”, Weird MC said

MBGN 2011- The Good, the Bad and the Worst

The contestants that were not picked. You all need to watch this, hilarious!

Footballer Kalu Uche marries pregnant Stephanie Oforka

The footballer married the ex-beauty queen (Ex-MBGN Miss Universe '08 rep), Stephaine Oforka, 22, on Saturday June 18, 2011. Their traditional wedding held on Friday June 17 at the brides home in Nnewi, Anambra state.

To think Uche Kalu once denied knowing Stephanie. Anyway, all the best to the latest couple in town. Pics thanks to
 Stella Dimoko Korkus

"Why I am divorcing Funke" - Femi Kuti

"I am divorcing her to protect my side of my inheritance, because I have five children. I have to protect the interest of my children. Since we are still legally married, what if I die today? The law will favour my wife. If I don't divorce her, my children may suffer. What if I die and we have not divorced and then she comes and claims everything? The other children will not get anything and there will be a big war in my family. I will be dead and my ghost will be saying don't fight, but they wouldn't hear what I am saying. We know it happens. My lawyer advised me to think of the future so I quickly regulate my will so no one can disturb my children. You know it happens in our country, when you have children from different women, there's bound to be stress. So I have to do my will and to do that requires a divorce." - Femi Kuti to Encomium Magazine

Mercy Johnson spotted shopping for wedding dress in New York

The actress and her hubby-to-be are currently in the US shopping for their big day in August. More pics when you continue...



Kethurah Hamilton
SAYS...“I am doing this to save marriages.”
There is a crisis in the bedroom and an urgent step must be taken to address and contain this crisis. So many otherwise good and healthy marriages have been destroyed; many other wise promising relationships have floundered and fluttered on account of lack of sparks in the bedroom department. This development has fueled infidelity, emotional distance, lack of affection and a severance of ties that bind souls and body to marriages and relationship. Simply put, there is a smoldering fire tearing down and destroying the most important element in a unionphysical intimacy.
Determined to bring back sparks and verve in marriage, Kethurah Hamilton – the long-time girlfriend of Nollywood actor – Jim Iyke fully conscious of the damaging effect lack of intimacy has wrought in relationships has decided to embark on a campaign to bring back intimacy into relationships and marriages. On June 8th, aboard a yacht and in front of a select audience made up Kethurah will launch her specially designed sex enhancement pill called “Sensual Turah.”
In a chat I had with Kethurah she had rationalized the reason why she went into this line of business “Let me tell you something: half of the problems that couple experience in their marriages or relationships, can be attributed to one area: lack of intimacy and sexual dysfunction. I have heard and read numerous stories of lovers and couple who, in spite of material blessings are just not happy. If you saw them at functions, you would think they are a picture of marital bliss and happiness, but deep down, there is a chasm – an emotional void, because the most important area of marriage or relationship no longer sparkle or thwartle. The light bulb in that department had either dimmed or went out all together, leaving the couple to grope in the dark alleys of emotional fulfillment. Sometimes, couples are too embarrassed to talk openly about it, but there is no doubt that it is killing relationships and marriages and I felt an urgent need to do something about it.
In my extensive travels to Africa – to model and shoot movies, I came across a lot of natural herbs that a lot of people don’t know are more effective than the much touted Viagra and I decided to go to work to put these herbs, which are all natural and with no side effects to use, and the result is the product called Sensual Turah. This product will certainly bring back the sparks in the intimacy department for most couples. As a model and an actress, I have come to appreciate the importance of combining looks and being sensual at the same time. With Sensual torah, you will experience “a passion in every drop.” 
Keturah who has been enjoying a sizzling romance with Nollywood actor Jim Iyke was coy about the rumored wedding plans with the actor “Let me tell you something: You’ll be the first to know when we are ready to cross that bridge.”

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Kethurah Hamilton and Jim Iyke
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I just saw this but still cant believe it  that a Unilag babe was kidnapped somewhere in the Magodo area of Lagos while visiting a friend. She was released a few hours later without the kidnappers asking her family for any ransom. Guess what they took from her? Her 22inch Brazilian weave. She claims they took her to an unidentified location, removed her weave and released her.
so thats the NEW TREND now? kidnapping babes with the costly hair? 

Mercy Johnson's Wedding: A Four Days Event

Mercy Jonhson

Naija's actress Mercy Johnson, has confirmed that she would be getting married on 25th August 2011.
In what she explained as a "four days" event, Mercy Johnson would be fulfilling the "every girl's dream" starting with a court wedding on the 25th with an engagement ceremony on the 26th, church wedding and reception on the 27th and thanksgiving and her birthday on the 28th of August. It is easy for her to feel comfortable with the "pocket drilling" ceremonies that would be stretched for four days....I mean, Her groom is Prince Odianose Okojie, from Esanland (Uromi), Edo State. He is a prince from Esanland. So No Shaking!!!!!

The church wedding would take place at Christ Embassy with comedian AY Makun as MC of the reception. Her bridal train would consist of Goldie, Chike Ike, Queen Nwokoye, Waje, Empress Njamah and Kefee. Wat a combination....really spicy.


 The gist making rounds now is about a particular lady Zeina Cisse, who accused one of the Ghollywood finest Majid Mitchel of impregnating her. Though the report is unconfirmed, but we are working so hard to confirm the lady’s claim.
We shall keep you posted on further findings.

Waje Is Dating MI?

There is a rumour on ground that Waje is dating Chocolate City boy MI.
From a perfect combination in the song "One Naira", this is one of those gists you hear and you hope its true despite how faint it looks.
Waje has however denied the story. These are Waje's words: “Saying that I’m dating MI is just like saying that I’m dating P-square. I featured on their song, Do Me, which turned out to be a hit, and they are producing my album.
“What is happening between MI and I is pretty much the same. I featured in his song and he’s also producing some songs for my coming album. What we have is a great working relationship. That’s all. I’m just happy with the outcome and acceptance that stemmed from working with these wonderful guys”.

Mercy Johnson
In a recent interview, Mercy Johnson spoke more about her relationship with Odi (her Husband to be), and interestingly....she expressed joy that her mother-in-law to be doesnt watch her films. Hmmmmm.... I can understand the reason to this joy.
Mercy Johnson had earlier confirmed that she would be getting married on 25th August 2011 to Prince Odianose Okojie, from Esanland (Uromi), Edo State.
How did he propose?
(Laughs) He was straight and normal.

Did he kneel down?
No, he didn’t kneel down because he’s a prince. In November last year, when we went to visit our parents officially, he had the ring before he came back from the UK, but certain things happened which I’ll never tell you and he gave me the ring.

Why are you marrying Odi?
I ask him every morning, and I keep telling him that if I don’t marry him someone else will not marry him. He’s not that multi-billionaire, I just love that man, he’s a handsome man, a good man, I just love him, plus his flaws, even when he pisses me off I want to kiss his knee

Can you recall how you guys met?
It was at the salon Make Me in Surulere, Lagos.

What really attracted you to him?
He’s a likeable person, he’s just IT. I don’t know how to explain it.

What’s the best gift Odi has ever given you?
Odi gives me everything, and the best thing he ever gives me is attention, Odi can just be in the parlour and I scream my leg! He comes rushing to the rescue
Do you have Mama G (Patience Ozokwo) in the list?
Definitely, Mama G is the mother of the day; ask her she’ll tell you, so she is going to be there.

Can you recall your first encounter with your in-laws?
It was pretty; I’m a very playful person. It was pleasant; they are very friendly and nice. I’m extremely close to my mother-in-law.

Does she watch your movies?
No and I’m so glad she doesn’t.

Will marriage make you reject some roles?
There is no character I’ve not played, unless they want to refine roles. So any role that is going to embarrass my family I’m definitely going to drop it.

Popular Lagos business man and co-owner of Tribeca Night Club, Charles Ahize, 50, is planning to walk down the aisle with his 24 year old Imo State born beauty, Maureen Emenalom, whom he started dating after ending his marriage to his second wife and mother of his three children last year. Maureen drives around town in a mint 2010 Range Rover said to be a gift from her husband to be. No date has been fixed for the wedding yet.

Rumour Alert: Chika Ike's Marriage Crashes As Husband Impregnates Mistress?

Thats according to this report:

Shame on you Mercy Johnson says News of the People Magazine

 News of the People exclusively reported that Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson was planning a wedding for August 28, 2011. But no sooner had the story hit the town than the actress in consonance with her erratic publicist went to town to debunk the story. Yet, last week, the actress confirmed that her wedding is actually coming up in August in a four-day-affair starting from August 25 and to be rounded off on August 28 as earlier reported by News of the People. Concerned readers who have been following her stories were stunned last week that what the actress had earlier debunked has turned to be her true story. A particular reader, who craved anonymity, simply described her as a confused lover who is yet to decide on either marriage or spinsterhood.
For Mercy Johnson, she has perhaps bitten more than she can chew as she has once again proved to the whole world that she is a cheap liar. Now stories are flying round that, Mercy will be getting married the same date that was previously quoted by this Magazine. Shameless Mercy Johnson you may say!

It would be recalled that the same Mercy had addressed a cross section of journalists last year where she had personally informed them about her marriage plans one on one. When she sensed that the marriage plans were no longer working as she thought, she quickly ran to her PR Company to quickly discredit what has been written about her. She said she didn’t have a wedding plan. That is Mercy for you.

Patience Ozokwor’s Phone Goes Missing In Kenya

Popular Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor a.k.a Mama G lost her mobile phone in Kenya last weekend.
The actress was part of a Nollywood delegation which included Nkem Owoh, Desmond Elliot, Sam Loco-Efe, Monalisa Chinda, Francis Duru and Uche Jombo.

According to NFC reporters in Kenya, Ozokwor lost her phone during a visit to the Safari Park with the crew. The delegation had earlier visited the University of Nairobi where they had an interactive session with the students from the faculty of Arts and Humanities and the School of Journalism and later in the afternoon addressed drama club members at Brookhouse Performing Arts School. - Nigerianfilms.com

Man kills wife for wearing trousers.

“You know I have spent very much money on my wife? I have killed her”. These were the words of the husband of the late Lydia Ekundaya John to the man from whose house he married the wife he killed on Monday, May 23, 2011.
Linus Akira, an inspector with the Nigeria Police in Abuja, told Sunday Trust that he was shocked when he received a phone call from Peter Michael Agbala, the son of a Deputy Superintendent of Police who married his sister-in-law. Peter and his wife were living in Otukpo, in Benue State and had travelled down to Suleja in Niger State to settle a quarrel between them. Inspector Akira was shocked because the quarrel had been settled; he couldn’t fathom why his sister-in-law should be killed by her husband in his house.
“I couldn’t believe my ears,” the police officer said. “I was shocked to my bones.”
How did the love-turn-sour story begin? Mrs Grace Akira, Lydia’s elder brother, told our reporter that the relationship between her late younger sister and Peter actually commenced during Christmas in 2005.
“Lydia was a dazzling young teenager who was living with me,” the woman explained. “Lydia was about to write her final year exam at the Government Technical College, Suleja when she left for Eto-Ogo Itapa-Eto in Obi LGA of Benue State to celebrate Christmas. Other young people like her also left their bases for the village because of the festivities. Among them was Peter Michael Agbala, whose father is a top police officer working in Enugu State.”
Lydia’s beauty must have attracted Peter to her. She must have felt at home with a son of a police officer staying in the house of a police officer back in Suleja, and the affair led to marriage. Sunday Trust learnt that Lydia had to abandon her studies. They had a traditional marriage.
Sunday Trust gathered from other family sources who would not want to be named that marriage didn’t take away the love of fitting dresses from Lydia. She still loved to look young and attractive in fitted jeans in spite of her marriage. But Peter would have nothing like that. That was the beginning of the problem in the union.
Sunday Trust gathered further that on three occasions, they had bitter quarrels to the point that Peter seriously beat Lydia. Peter allegedly threatened to kill his wife on those occasions. Mr. Akira’s family settled them.
Grace said she warned both of them to ensure they remained faithful to their marriage vows and the coupled reconciled.
The woman explained thus: “But the reconciliation was short-lived. On Friday, May 20, Lydia came to Suleja from Otukpo in Benue State. Her mission was to report her husband’s alleged brutality on her. The next day, Peter also came in. He complained that Lydia was wearing trousers that would make men to eye her. Lydia, on her part, complained that Peter was in the habit of beating her up, and that she was no longer interested in the marriage.”
All the same, Mr. Akira’s family settled them. Sunday Trust gathered that the two agreed to live together in peace. A family source told our report that the settlement didn’t assuage Peter’s jealousy. He suspected that the mobile telephone numbers of any male on her handset were those of her lovers. So, he deleted all of them.
Grace explained the events that led to the death of her sister on Monday, May 23: “Peter wanted to take his family back to Otukpo. His wife refused. She wanted to wash her children’s wears. Peter, too, would not agree. He insisted they must leave for Otukpo. She resisted. We had to plead with them. Peter agreed that they should wait, and we left them in the London Quarters, Kwamba Low Cost where the Peters were staying.”
What happened thereafter was unimaginable. Did Lydia disobeyed Peter or did he just vent his anger on her?
The next thing Mrs Grace Akira knew was that Peter took their two children to her, saying Lydia was on her way and that he would go and buy something in Suleja town. She didn’t notice anything strange in his conduct. The two children were too young to say anything.
About three hours later, Inspector Akira said he got a call from Peter. He said Peter told him “Abai, you know, I have spent money very much on my wife? I have killed her.” But Mr. Akira could not detect exultation in his voice. The word Abai he used in addressing Mr. Akira means master.
Inspector Akira told Sunday Trust that Peter’s number went dead thereafter. All calls to it did not go through. It was later realized that he had told his parents also that he had killed his wife.
Lydia’s decomposing body was later found under rags in the store of the house. The noose of a thick rope was tight around her neck. The other end of the rope was tied to a rod. Her tongue was thrust out. I could never go back again without external aid.

The case has been reported to the ‘A’ Division of the Nigeria Police in Suleja, where officials said they had no authority to speak to journalists. When contacted, the Niger State police spokesman, Mr. Richard Oguche, confirmed the murder, adding that the police is investigating the crime.


 2shotz has decided to take (Nokia) a worldwide phone company to a Lagos high court, demanding #5 billion naira compensation over the copyright infringement.
In his statement of claims, 2shortz said NOKIA used three of his songs as default ring tones for NOKIA X3 without getting approval and sealing a contract with him. He considered it as illegal.
He is therefore seeking damages in form of monetary compensation to the tune of N5 billion.

While Brendan Rilley, lawyer for NOKIA is saying that they actually got the deal through Orchard, a record label last year, 2shot said nothing can be farther from the truth. 2shot reiterated that only Umunnamu his record label has the legal rights to enter into any contract with company or individual regarding his songs.

She is one of the actresses in Nollywood who have made her mark and permanently registered herself in the minds of people through her various roles since she came to limelight in 1996, when she acted in “Glamour Girls Part 2”. For sometimes now, Eucharia Anunobi’s marriage break-up has been a topic of discussion among many with divergent views. The Imo state-born star actress whose part of beauty routine is to be stark naked for 30 minutes, is planning to be a Pastor. In this heart pouring interactions with CHRISTIAN OZURUIGBO, she reveals more facts about her failed marriage, acting career and the next moves.
Is it true you will become a Pastor?
Yes, everyone is meant to be a messenger of God, as long as you call yourself a Christian. Everybody must not, really, stand on the pulpit. But in everything we do in life; within your family, you are meant to be good examples. If on a wider scale when you have to reach out to a bigger audience and the Lord probably calls me to do that, why not? At the fullness of time, as soon as He had prepared me, I will pick up the mantle. You can call me an evangelist to be.
It has been a while now that you did a movie. What is happening to you?
A movie of mine got released few weeks ago; it is called “Breaking Heart”. Another one got released a month ago called “My Darling Prince”.
What about your ex-husband?
I am not supposed to know how he is doing. He never called in the last three years since he abandoned me and my son. And he never bothers to find out how his son is doing.
How is your son doing now?
We thank God Almighty. He is doing well, and God is keeping him for me.
What if your husband decides to come back and say he is sorry. Wouldn’t you give him a second chance. As they say, to err is human but to forgive is divine?
All those options I have thought about and I have realised that he does not compliment me in any way and I believe the Bible tells me that you don’t have to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. If you have friends and you don’t share the same aspirations, you don’t share the same dreams, you are thinking green and the person is thinking black, you can’t work together unless you agree. I do not think we can work together. He is the one that took a walk out; I don’t take a walk out because I believe in marriage. I believe in staying. I believe in the statement of marriage that marriage is not going to be a bed of roses. But I guess may be he thought life could be a bed of roses and probably there were better things for him to pick outside. So, it is not about me but because I know my Lord wants me to be happy. If he is going and that is the only way I am going to be happy, no way. And if he is coming back, I don’t know he is going to compliment me in any way.
Don’t you think that you can change him with the words of God?
Nobody changes anyway. God changes people. It is the word of God that will get the right man for me, not him.
Does it mean you did not see all these things before entering into marriage with him?
Nobody is a magician. Nobody is a vision teller. You can’t see tomorrow. You only live on faith, the faith that you see now, the faith that you are like whether you are hygienically clean. I can see you now and know whether you are morally upright. You only take people on what you see on a day-to-day basis. So, you can go ahead and say oh! I know. I see. You might just have an idea on a day-to-day basis, and then you add up to the one to be one. So, there is now any I can say I saw that my marriage was going to break-up. Because one, my parents are still married and I don’t believe in marriage breaking. What I know is that problems will come and you believe that by the grace of God, you will be able to solve them.
So your acting career does not have anything to do with the break-up?
Absolutely not. My career does not have anything to do with my break-up. I have been an actress close to 12 years now. That is the better part of my life. So, anyone coming to me should know that I am acting, because I love my job and the person will love me with my job.
How do you get along with your colleagues, or are there some that you cannot actually work with?
I get along with everyone of them. But I must not be deep friendship you can share. I am one of the actors that are very friendly to every one of them, both female and male. Yes, of course, I might be closer to a few more than others, but I want to believe that we are all friends. I don’t have any problems with anybody, because, one, the job requires that you don’t keep enemies because you never know who you are going to meet along the way.
Thinking back over the years, is there any experience you find very memorable or remarkable that you want to share?
Well, I want to say that when I became born again. Actually, I say to myself, why wasn’t I born again earlier because I found out that being born again does not take anything away from your life. It rather adds to your life. I found out that a lot of people find it difficult to take that bold step to go to the front altar and declare that ‘I’m born again’. They think that God is going to restrict you from doing a lot of things. Yes, really, He does restricts you from doing a lot of things, but things that will derail you from being a good example to your family and being a candidate for heaven. When you know you have God, you know you have the omni-present watching over you.


 Actress Uche Jumbo is arguably one of the Nollywood finest.
But for some weeks now, her new look seems to be raising eyebrows. The questions many of her fans who saw her recently at the AY show, were asking is thus; what’s up with Uche Jumbo’s new look? Is she sick? Is she alright?
But she finally clears the air in a recent interview and explains the reason for her new looks.
She said and I quote;
I actually did that because of of a movie role and the reaction I got after the job encouraged me,besides,it took hard work to achieve this, so there was no need to go back to that old stature.

Kola Boof and Wale

Wale is a Nigerian-US based rapper, Kola Boof is an Egyptian/Sudanese writer best known for being Osama Bin Laden's mistress. The two had a harsh exchange of words on twitter some days ago.
Kola Boof writes.. 
“There wasn’t a single Black woman in “Pretty Girls”…so what in the f— was he saying about African women?? His own race?” @WALE is a little Punk B—h Nigerian Skin Bleacher who wants to escape his own people & gets PAID 2 do s. I know enough about @WALE …and he’s a LOSER a– Motherf—er in my book. Don’t give a s–t who’s IN DENIAL. F–k WALE
If #WALE was my g–damn son I’d drown that Chimp-brained Nigerian N—erstock motherf—er. And feed his a– to the Red Ants. Loser mofo!
And Black Women….keep making excuses & supporting these mofos…..that’s what IRKs me. Dumb a– Black Women. You would think Black Women would have 2 halves of a brain to tune out these mofos..but they the #1 supporters. This man HATES US…hates our whole f—ing existence & wants to escape blackness…and we making him rich!!??

“To me….a man like WALE….is no different than a f—ing Clansmen. He just gets away with his s–t bec. he’s dark black. But let WALE have to decide between saving YOU from drowning and a European. He’s a skin bleacher. Might as well be Jergen. NO DUMB A–….he doesn’t “REP” Nigeria. You’re just too stupid to see his messages. He promotes f—ing SKIN BLEACHING!

Why wouldn’t NIGERIAN children want to bleach their skin afte watching a WALE video?? How could they not? Think about the IMAGES in Wale’s videos….and then look at why Nigerian kids, both male & female, want to skin bleach. HIS VIDEOS!! partly. Just remember….that KOLA will kick your f—ing a– @WALE ……you’re f—ing GUPPIE! OH PLEASE….people are acting like I can’t cuss someone out because I’m a Novelist?….I’m harder than ANY f—ing rapper. NOVELIST, POET….Bin laden’s Ex-Mistress….and **HARDER** than any f—ing Rapper. These punks are snot nosed wimps. Wale….is a f—ing Nigerian Cl-t-B—h. F–k Wale. Oh please….I’m HARDER than any rapper…….you insecure little colortsruck roach invaders.”
Wale’s response
Kola boof… I won’t beef with you as a rapper, but as a proud black man with intellect. We can show the world what ignorance looks like. Excuse me @KolaBoof.
According to this lunatic @kolaboof I promote “skin bleaching” and I hate black women. And @kolaboof thinks that because she contributed to writing a few books, that she can talk down to me. With all due respect ms @kolaboof I can sit up here and say you were porking terrorist…like a lot of your peers say. But I’d rather not, because I’m ignorant to @kolaboof whatever relationship you had with Ol’ Boy [Osama bin Laden]. ..and my ignorance to THAT particular subject will keep me quiet. W/ that said u should 2. @kolaboof your pretentious. Your a disgusting human being, an absolute disgrace to the very people you pretend to endorse.
Kola Boof was forced to save her American citizenship in 2002 by admitting to being the mistress of Osama Bin Laden, a relationship she claims was against her will. Early this year, her most controversial book yet, The Sexy Part of the Bible, a shocking and powerfully written erotic novel about cloning and skin bleaching in West Africa was published. Perhaps this explains her beef with Wale.
She sounds crazy to me.. culled from - lindaikeji.blogspot.com

AY and Nadia Buari video shoot for AY show in Abuja

 His May 1st show was WOWZER!, now he's planning an Abuja invasion. AY live in Abuja will take place June 19 at ThisDay Dome. Don't miss it! More pics when you continue..


Kate Henshaw Nuttal is one of the most respected actresse in Nollywood, with excellent interpretation of characters in movies.

She is one actress every good director would want to work with. Pretty and unpretentiously friendly, Kate is one Nollywood personality who has worked herself to a level where she gets the sort of adulation that stars in Hollywood get.

She was quoted by a friend recently at a bridal shower party for one of her close friends talking about how lucky any lady could be marrying a good “Oyinbo” man.

She said and I quote; as for me, I thank god I did not marry a Nigerian, they are too demanding and bossy, but a good Oyinbo man will treat you like a queen that you are.

If she ever said it, my people did you think her statement is justifiable. 

Kate Henshaw-Nuttall with Her husband,{Rod Nuttall}

Genevieve with the Editor of New African Woman magazine, Regina Jane

NAW Mag - "You've been linked romantically to several people, are there any wedding bells in the future?"
Genny - "Yes, I am dating. But there won't be any chiming of any wedding bells, although I want to get married. I am looking for someone who can keep me excited because I get easily bored. I need someone who is there to support me, who is confident. Anyone who's with me needs to be confident. I haven't got time to be massaging any man's ego. My ideal man is someone with a Johnny Depp personality and with Boris Kodjo's lip (laughs)." Genevieve said in her interview with New African Woman magazine.

Uche Jumbo set to wed footballer boyfriend?

That is what Stella Dimoko Korkus is reporting in this week's Encomium magazine.
Here's what she wrote
"The ring is actually on her left index finger. She is not hiding but she's also not talking about it. She got the ring sometime last year from Ikechukwu (Uche) and the two are planning a wedding. Some of Uche's very close friends know of this engagement and are helping her keep it under the carpet. The ring is a simple silver ring with three diamond stones decorating it.
I found a pic (above) of her wearing a ring similar to what Stella described. I don't know if she's truly engaged, but if she is, then a big congrats to her!

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